About Us

Dance Cubana was formed to teach and promote excellence in dance, and in particular Cuban Salsa and now also Kizomba. Our teachers are dedicated and have a strong background in dance. Our aim is to make Salsa and Kizomba accessible to all, irrespective of how many left feet you may think you have, or how much you believe you lack rhythm! We use techniques to break down the barriers we all put up in our minds and teach at a pace in tune with the students.

The philosophy of Dance Cubana is that dancing is much more than just a series of steps. It is more of a series of movements embraced by the whole body from head to toe, and synchronized to music and rhythmic patterns. Bearing all this in mind we believe in teaching by giving you just enough information at any one time, allowing you to execute each movement correctly without getting confused. We place great importance on giving you the opportunity to practise to music whenever possible, so that you can get used to the rhythms you will be dancing to before moving on.


  • Well you can put me down for next year... I had a fantastic time! You should both be very proud to have organised such an event & I think we were all very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend. One MASSIVE thank you to all the Cubans! It was great to meet them, participate in their workshops & watch them dance. I hope they enjoyed their visit too. Thanks for the complementary water at the workshops & party nights... don't know who provided it but was greatly appreciated.
    Regards Jane
  • Dance Cubana, thanks for a great Salsa Congress Weekend in Nottingham. I'm sure a huge amount of work was involved, not least of which would be getting the Cuban dancers over to the UK. They were absolutely fantastic, and my highlight was my salsa dance with Alberto Valdez on the 2nd party night I think I just managed to keep my feet! The show was amazing‚ I watched the dancers on YouTube, but to see them in real life was something else. I've just been to a weekend Jazz festival in Brecon where I even managed to try out some new moves as there was dancing to 2 Cuban bands who were playing (Jazz is obviously getting pretty broad now!).
    Tracey Grant (Matlock)
  • If you asked me for one negative it was that I could have had an extra hour in bed Saturday morning as workshops started at 12noon instead of 11am like the original schedule. But never mind we went and had a coffee with friends at Java. We are really looking forward to the next congress you organise. WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU FOR SUCH A SUCCESSFUL WEEKEND.
    Bev & Tony
  • Lloyd is undoubtedly one of the best teachers/dancers of authentic Cuban Salsa in the UK. His salsa lessons are hot and spicy, with an emphasis on good technique, timing and musical interpretation. He has a remarkable ability to break down seemingly complex patterns into simple, easy to lead moves. Lloyd is passionate about Cuban salsa and is keen to promote this style in the East Midlands and beyond. If you want to learn salsa quickly (even if you have no dancing experience) or want to take what you have already learned to another level, you will not be disappointed by attending Lloyd's class. Some guys have all the luck - my dream is that one day I will come close to dancing like Lloyd. It is no accident he is widely known as 'Lloyd the Entertainer'. He truly entertains on the dance floor, and he strongly encourages his students to have fun while they are learning!
    Courtney Smith
  • Dear Lloyd and the salsa dancers from Dance Cubana who came to our wedding, a big thank you for providing such great entertainment with the stunning demonstration and teaching rueda to every one. Thank you for your patience with those with two left feet, and for getting people who wouldn't normally dance up and enjoying themselves.
    Best Wishes Emma and Martin
  • Lloyd and his team of salsa and rueda dancers from Dance Cubana really set our `South American` party on fire. As the event we`d organised was held in a small village community hall, there were quite a few older people who weren`t able to join in with the dancing but really enjoyed the spectacle. Those able to dance had a brilliant time too, learning the moves then being encouraged on to the floor by the rueda team. Everyone asked when we were going to do it again!
    Helen Foster